Richard G. Johnson


  • For more information, please contact Mr. Johnson at 216/696-1000, by fax at 216/696-0020, or by e-mail RGJ@RGJLLC.pro.
  • E-mail is greatly preferred and will elicit much faster response times. Mr. Johnson answers his own telephone, and you will get voicemail more often than not.
  • Mr. Johnson prefers to receive only the following information initially: (1) your complete contact info; (2) complete contact information for who you want to sue; (3) the subject matter and case identification of the underlying representation; and (4) your estimated economic damages.
  • If Mr. Johnson does not have a conflict of interest in representing you, and if your claimed damages meet his initial threshold, he may ask you to submit a detailed factual outline, before scheduling a teleconference to discuss your matter.
  • Mr. Johnson would in no instance become your attorney without entering into a written and executed attorney-client contract with you.

  • Mr. Johnson turns down over 99% of the claims presented to him, and he never represents more than three clients at any one time.